What Do You Know About the Powerball Lotto?

The first thing you should know about the Powerball lotto is that it's actually not technically one lotto. It is actually composed of 45 different lotteries – with one lottery per state. The thing that unifies them into a single entity known as the Powerball is the massive shared prize.

There is one jackpot that gets shared among all the various lotteries in each state. This means two things. One, is that there's revenue coming in from 45 different states to build a gigantic jackpot. And two, is that the jackpots are almost always six figures. Even if they aren't they are designed never to be lower than 40 million dollars.

The masterminds behind this madness are the MUSL, otherwise known as the "multi state lottery assotiation", a non profit group that brings together the various lotteries around the United States and helps them integrate with one another with harmony.

So You Want In

If you want to play the Powerball lotto, you currently have two methods at your disposal.

The first method is simple and straightforward enough that you've probably done it a dozen times in your life. Maybe even a dozen times this week. All you have to do is step outside your house and head to a local lottery ticket vendor. Fill out your ticket or tickets, and hope for some cash to come your way.

The second method is a bit more involved, but it's the best you can hope for if you're not currently within the contiguous 45 states that take part in the Powerball Lotto. You can play online. I know what you're thinking: that it sounds like a ridiculous idea because you need to have an original ticket to win. LotteryMaster is a killer online service that does exactly that for you – you choose your numbers and they dispatch a rep to buy your ticket in your stead. The ticket becomes tied to your receipt and is yours to claim if you win the jackpot. If you win a few bucks and it's a minor prize the money simply gets deposited into your account.

If You're In It, You're In It To Win It

There is a universal truth that governs all things, and that is the law of statistics. What it says is: that which is more likely to happen will happen. It's as simple as that. How is this useful? Simple, you must find out which numbers happen to appear in win lists most often.

Are they lucky or auspicious numbers? Or are they simply following a standard distribution pattern? It's the latter. The distribution pattern states that numbers tend to hit according to a normal distribution pattern you should not be seeing patterns at all.

No sequences. No Rows or columns. And no evens or odds or any such claptrap. Prime numbers are not good, and neither are all highs or all lows. So what is good? You need to find the most unpredictable number sequences possible. That, and a touch of luck